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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
 Back in 2010 I started making music videos.  From then my love of film has grown and grown and so has my equipment list... not so much my wallet!   
Ive worked on many projects since then with various types of client ranging from commercial shoots to big budget music videos.
In 2016 I gained my PFCO certificate from the CAA and am a fully qualified, Licensed and insured Drone Operator.
I am incredibly passionate about any project I am working on and it is my key goal to bring to life my clients vision a create a true master piece!... and that doesn't have to be a film or music video.
With social media and marketing growing and as the need for more content is driven I am working more and more with small and large businesses to create content to showcase what they can do. 
So if your a band or a business or just some one with an idea, I am keen to hear what your ideas and thoughts are and hope that we can make something that will truly stand the test of time.  
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